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Our mission is to provide renters Better Living. All tenants can expect well maintained properties with contemporary common spaces, state of the art security, and a team of professionals on call 24 hours a day.
Akelius properties are located in desirable neighbourhoods with easy access to transit and a good mix of commercial and recreational amenities nearby. To improve comfort and ensure the safety for all tenants, Akelius invests heavily in structural improvements and repairs. Many buildings feature new balconies, windows, roofs and elevators.


Roger Akelius purchases his first properties in Sweden. By 2004, Akelius Residential Property AB owns the largest private residential portfolio in the country.
First properties are purchased in Germany.
The Akelius Foundation is established and given complete control over all Akelius operations.
Offices open in Toronto, Canada and London, England.
Canadian operations expand to Montreal and a new office is established in Paris, France.


To date, the company owns approximately 50,000 apartments
and employs over 400 people in five different countries.



the Akelius Foundation

The Akelius Foundation was established in 2007 with two main purposes:
  1. Providing children in need with a home and an education; and 
  2. Research and education regarding real estate.
The Akelius Foundation is the largest global contributor to SOS Children’s Villages and has pledged approximately sixty million Canadian dollars over a 25 year period. This ensures communities can not only be built, but maintained for the long term. 
Projects include:
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