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house plants, cool plants, original plants, plants for my apartment, akelius
Make your apartment fit your style by adding house plants!
Lease, renting, apartment hunting, akelius
When you finally find the apartment of your dreams, you will have to sign a lease. Make sure you understand it with this explanatory article.
roommate obligations, roommate laws, apartment montreal, akelius montreal
Cohabiting is a great opportunity to share housing costs with another person, but it’s important to know your legal obligations before embarking in such a partnership.
light apartment, illuminate apartment, montreal apartment, akelius montreal
Invite light into your apartment, even in the winter, with these 5 tips for a brighter interior.
 save heating, winter heating, decrease heating bill, save heating tips, montreal apartments, akelius montreal
Saving on heating this winter isn’t as hard as it may seem. Discover our top 5 tips on reducing your heating costs today!
decorating apartment, decorating christmas apartment, decorating small space, decorating without tree, montreal apartment, akelius montreal
Does your apartment lack space for a Christmas tree? Here are 5 alternative ideas for a traditional Christmas tree to add a festive touch to your home!
visit apartment, questions to ask while visiting apartment, new apartment, visit apartment questions to ask, akelius montreal
Looking for a new apartment? During your visit, remember these 40 most important questions to ask the owner before signing!
live in montreal, apartment for rent montreal, montreal neighborhood, akelius montreal
The search for an apartment for rent also involves choosing a neighborhood. So here are the things to consider when combining your lifestyle with your environment.
responsibilities for tenants, apartment for rent, tenant rights
A tenant is obligated to maintain their apartment in the same condition it was given to them. Discover all the obligations and responsibilities so you don’t get any unexpected surprises at the end of your lease!
apartment for rent, apartment montreal, avoid scam
These days, it is increasingly difficult to make purchases or rentals online. The number of frauds does not stop climbing, and this does not exclude the apartments to rent. So here are our 5 tips to avoid the scam when it comes to finding your future nest!
neighbour, apartment, live in apartment, neighbours living,
How to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors? If you live in an apartment, it is sometimes difficult to get along with other tenants. Here are some ethical tips that will help you respect your neighbors... and be respected in return!
checklist moving, move home, prepare move, move apartment
Planning a move soon? Download our checklist to help you prepare!
apartment for rent montreal, spring cleaning, clean apartment
Have not you done your spring cleaning yet? Don't panic! We give you 7 tricks so you do not forget anything and lighten this task. Good housework!
downtown Montreal apartments
Thinking of relocating? Before finding the apartment of your dreams, it's important to consider these 5 elements in order to adapt your choice to your needs.
Hot Trends to Make the Most of Apartment Living
There are some great trends that are on the rise in the housing industry that can transform the feel of your home.
4 Best Greens for a Healthier Apartment
What creates a great home is the décor and attention to detail you’ve put into your living space. Akelius Montreal apartments have a modern twist which pairs well with greens. Houseplants improve indoor air quality and add some life to your home all year long.
move while it's still cold into your akelius montreal apartment
You just found the perfect apartment you've been searching for on Akelius and finally got everything all packed up? Great! Now make sure the moving gets done during the winter.
The Christmas Spirit
Love Christmas as much as everyone else but you just don’t know how to show it? Decorate! Don't know how? Here are a few tips and tricks you'll need this winter when the holidays roll around and it’s time to pull out those dusty boxes from the basement so you can start setting up.
Flipping: The New Way to Renovate
Over the years, real estate flipping has become more and more popular. Decades of experience have led us to realize the importance of providing tenants with housing that’ll make them feel comfortable while providing what they want.
Why rent an apartment from Akelius Montreal?
If you're looking for a newly renovated, safe, well located apartment building then Akelius has exactly what you're looking for!
5 Ways to Make Your First Apartment Feel Like Home
Moving into your first apartment is an exciting step for many people. Leaving the nest and become more independent is a wonderful, enriching part of life. Once the lease is signed, the excitement of thinking about furniture and decorating begins.
Inspirational Ideas for Organizing a Home Office
Here are a few suggestions to help you develop an inspiring workspace in the comfort of your own apartment.
5 Decorative Essential Elements for Your Kitchen
Decorating a kitchen should be carefully planned. Here are 5 stylish decorative elements to improve the decor of your kitchen.
6 Unique Decoration Boutiques in Montreal
Decorating your Montreal apartment is enjoyable and made simpler by these five wonderful home décor boutiques located in Montreal. At these 6 boutiques you will certainly find what you are looking for.
Moving in, moving out: How to make your move go smoothly
We are coming up on the summer months, which is one of the busiest moving seasons. The more prepared, the smoother the move will go. The following are some great tips that will help smooth your moving process.
5 Montreal Restaurants to Discover
These fine Montreal restaurants located close to Akelius properties are worth discovering.
5 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips
There is no better time to undertake a cleaning project than during spring. With such great emphasis being placed on environmental responsibility, here are five tips that will help you clean your Montreal apartment in an eco-friendly way.
5 Tips to Help Those Looking for an Apartment in Montreal
Montreal is known for its vibrant neighborhoods, cultural diversity, architecture, innumerable attractions, accessibility to transportation and the many growing businesses located in the heart of this city. For these reasons, it is certainly one of the best places to live in Canada!
New listing and newly renovated apartment in the Golden Square Mile neighbourhood
Akelius Montreal recently renovated this beautiful two bedroom apartment located at 3468 Drummond.
Akelius invests 120 million dollars in Montreal
We are proud to announce that we recently acquired four new apartment buildings located in Montreal, an investment of 120 million dollars for 415 units.
10 Tips that Will Make You a Good Neighbor While Living in an apartment
Being a good neighbor is something we should all strive to be. But when you move into an apartment, being a good neighbor involves a whole new set of rules.
6 Reasons Why You Should Call Montreal Home
Looking to relocate as a family or a single person in the Montreal region of Québec? If looking for an apartment for rent in Montreal, you may be surprised at how much this vibrant part of Canada has to offer.

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