10 Tips that Will Make You a Good Neighbor While Living in an apartment

10 Tips that Will Make You a Good Neighbor While Living in an apartment

Being a good neighbor is something we should all strive to be. But when you move into an apartment, being a good neighbor involves a whole new set of rules. Here are ten tips for being a good neighbor in an apartment.  

1. Be friendly

A simple ‘’Good morning!’’ is enough. Also, when you move into a new apartment, introduce yourself to your neighbors.

2. Be respectful in the parking lot

When you enter or exit the parking lot, remember to slow down, there might be small children and pets in the area.

3. Never use a neighbor's parking space

Even if your neighbors do not use their parking spot, make sure to never park there. Just like you, they are paying each month for the right to have a reserved parking spot, no matter if they use it or not.

4. While waiting to be picked up…

Honking for a pick-up is rude! If you are waiting to be picked up, make sure to tell the driver to send you a quick text message (not while driving, though).

5. Your dog has to be a good neighbor as well

 If you have a pet, you must ensure that it does not disturb the neighbors. A little love, a few treats and an outdoor walk every day can help.

6. Keep your noise level down

No matter what time of the day or night it is, your neighbors might be sleeping. So make sure to keep the decibel levels reasonable. 

7. Be cautious when having guests over

Advise your neighbors, if you’re planning on having several guests. Let them know about potential noise.

8. Obey pool rules

We all love to relax by the poolside from time to time. But we must follow the rules, especially when it comes to safety.

9. Clean up after yourself

If you are enjoying a common area, make sure you do not leave any trash.

10. Don't hog the laundry room

Do not let your clothes occupy the washer or the dryer all day while others wait to do their own laundry.

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