5 Montreal Restaurants to Discover

5 Montreal Restaurants to Discover

These fine Montreal restaurants located close to Akelius properties are worth discovering.

Maison Boulud

Located at the Ritz-Carlton, the Maison Boulud offers magnificent views of the landscaped gardens of the hotel. With its Mediterranean flavors and fine cuisine, this restaurant will cheer up your senses. In addition, the warm contemporary decor of the restaurant, bar and lounge is made from quality natural materials. A truly elegant and warm setting.


1228 Sherbrooke Street West

Maison Boulud is located:

3 minutes’ walk from 3421 Drummond Street and Mountain Place


Brasserie Central

The Brasserie Central offers brunch, lunch, and supper. It is the perfect place to enjoy Mediterranean cooking in the prestigious Westmount. With an international wine list, this chic bistro is definitely a restaurant to discover.


4858 Sherbrooke Street West

Brasserie Central is located:

5 minutes’ walk from 4557 Sherbrooke Street West



O.Noir offers a unique culinary experience. Come and enjoy a delicious meal... in complete darkness. It’s better in the dark and quite an adventure! With a socially responsible cause, O.Noir hires blind people. This is a group of individuals in which the unemployment rate is about 70%.


124 Prince Arthur Street East

O.Noir restaurant is located:

15 minutes’ walk from 3455 Aylmer Street


Juliette & Chocolat

‘’Welcome to the chocolate lovers paradise!’’ Proposing a unique concept, Juliette & Chocolat offers chocolate in various forms: brownies, fondues, ice cream, pancakes and more.


1626 Saint Catherine Street West

Juliette & Chocolat restaurant is located:

15 minutes’ walk from 3421 Drummond Street and Mountain Place


Pizzeria Melrose

This pizzeria was opened in 2015. With a charming and bright environment, cowhide banquettes and best pizza in NDG, this restaurant serves up one of Montreal’s finest pizzas.


5779 Sherbrooke Street West

Pizzeria Melrose is located:

25 minutes’ walk from 4555 Bonavista Street

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