5 Tips for a Brighter Apartment

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The lack of light in Winter can, without a doubt, affect your mood. Indeed with diminished sun exposure, it won’t only affect your complexion and vitamin intake, but can also lead low morale and feeling glum.

Although winter is very much enjoyed by some, for others it can be a really negative experience.

In order to restore mood and vitality to both your body and space, we suggest the following 5 tips to bring light back in your apartment, even on those dark days. Say goodbye to winter blues!

1. Welcome Natural Light

The first thing you should always do is to help bring in all the natural light possible. Open the curtains as much as possible and eliminate any other kind of window covering to allow the light to easily shine into your home. If your windows are facing the street or neighbours’ windows, use thin, semi-transparent curtains.

2. A Touch of White

The color white is the best way to make your furniture and décor brighter and, in the same way, bigger. White makes your apartment cleaner and clearer since the colour helps reflect light. If you don’t like white walls, neutral colours like beige, taupe and gray can be a good alternative.

Bright colours such as lime green, sun yellow and pink can also be painted on one or two walls in different rooms. In addition large furniture and appliances such as the refrigerator, washer, dryer, and bed are preferable in white since they make for a brighter room.

3. Even More Lighting

If natural light in your home is rather fickle, or feeble in the evening, light fixtures, candles, garlands and lamps are good solutions to light up your apartment. In addition, with various shades of lightbulbs, you can choose a dimmer or warmer lighting. It’s also important to strategically choose where to put your lighting instead of spreading it randomly everywhere.

4. Adding Mirrors that aren’t just for your Reflection

Mirrors have the quality of being very good reflectors, giving them an unparalleled lighting power. By putting them in front of your windows, the light will bounce off the mirrors and enlighten the room and lift energy.

5. Decorations that Clear Up

If your floors are dark, you can add a large pale-coloured carpet that can bring brighten up even a windowless room. For dark rooms, prioritize pale furniture and colours as a priority. For example, an imposing book case will weigh down a room. Instead, spread out some book shelves here and there. Additionally, frames with a metallic finish will shine and large landscape murals will give depth to a room.

In short, these few tips will allow you to brighten your apartment and your mood. Here at Akelius Montreal, many of the apartments we offer have large rooms with an impressive amount of natural lighting. Don’t hesitate to visit, make sure to see our homes for rent online now!

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