5 Tips to Save on your Heating this Winter

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You’re shivering at the mere thought of winter and when the next storm might roll in. Although your apartment is sufficiently insulated, a small crack can create a draft. This decrease in efficiency can increase your energy costs. You’ll find that you are heating air that is quickly escaping outside, making your bill quite expensive!

Not to mention that hot water and lighting also count for a lot on your electricity bill. With rates increasing 3.7% each year since 2014, it is especially important for everyone to learn how they can save on their heating bill each month.

Here are 5 tips to help save power this winter – and keep all your heat inside!

1. Stop Heat from escaping

The first step to retaining the heat in your home is to ensure that there are no air leaks in any window or door sealing. A quick way to check, is to light a candle and see if it flickers while moving it around the area you are checking. There are also devices available for purchase that check for air leaks.

Once you’ve found a leak, one way to seal it is with caulking. It isn’t the most aesthetic solution, so an adhesive seal can also be an option. These can be picked up in any hardware store. For doors, weather-stripping should prevent air from entering.

2. Changing the Thermostats

You might not realize, but simply updating your thermostat to an electronic system can save you up to 10% annually on your heating costs.

In addition, you can save up to 5% by turning your heat down by only 3 degrees before leaving and during the night. Additionally, you can easily lower the heat to 15o in unoccupied rooms.

3. Use Hot Water Smartly

One of the biggest surprises on your bill can be from your hot water consumption. Indeed, 20% of the bill goes towards water heating alone. Make sure there are no leaking hot water faucets around your home, since it could add up to around 800 litres of wasted water per month, increasing your electricity bill immensely!

Always use cold water to wash your clothes. On average, 90% of the energy used by a washing machine is dedicated to heating the water. To be precise, washing machines only connected to the hot water faucet must heat its water. You can purchase detergents designed specifically to work better in cold water.

4. Choosing the Right Appliances

Major appliances use 20% of your total energy consumption, making it important to choose wisely. Investing in a more eco-friendly appliance, such as EnerGuide and Energy Star, can ultimately save you more in energy costs.

Keep in mind that a kettle or toaster oven save up from 40% to 70% of energy costs compared to using a stove.

5. Use Lighting Sparingly

While energy efficient light bulbs may seem like the better choice, you may end up paying the same due to the lack of heat the bulbs give off. Installing a light dimmer without resistance can save you anywhere from 5% to 50% on your total heating costs.

One of the best options is, without a doubt, not to leave your lights on for no reason.

Finally, always opt for lighter coloured walls, as they reflect up to 80% of light whereas darker coloured walls only reflect 10%.

Opt for heating included in your lease!

When looking for apartments, ensure to keep your heating costs in mind, as it fluctuates between buildings. Even better, opt to rent an apartment that includes the costs of heating in its price. That should save you some headaches! At Akelius Montreal, we offer various apartments with heating included! Make sure to check out our listings on our website today and stay warm this winter with fewer costs!

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