5 Ways to Decorate for the Holidays Without a Christmas Tree

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The holiday season is the perfect time to decorate your apartment. Whether you’re short of space, want to change tradition or don’t messy pine needles getting everywhere, there are several reasons why someone wouldn’t want to get a Christmas tree. However, it is still possible to have a well decorated apartment to get you in the Christmas mood. Discover 5 Christmas tree alternatives which will certainly bring the spirit of the holidays to your home.

1.  Change your Wall into a Fake Tree

A multitude of ideas exist to imagine a Christmas tree on your wall. Twine, garland, wooden planks, wall decorations, pine branches and many more alternatives can be attached to a wall to look like a Christmas tree.

2. Decorate your Window Sill

Create a warm and festive atmosphere by adding decorations to your windowsill, such as candles, pine branches and other simple decorations. Your place will instantly feel more festive.

3. Lights

The advantages of a Christmas tree is without a doubt the beautiful lighting it provides. To avoid losing this magical element, install garlands, lanterns and other light fixtures everywhere in your apartment. You will see a big difference in the atmosphere that comes from it.

4. Centre Pieces

Your kitchen, coffee and dining table are all great places to sit around with friends and family, so decorating them will instantly make your home look more festive. In a dish, add some Christmas ball ornaments, pine cones, branches and candles. You’ll have a wonderful winter centrepiece.

5. Dare to use pineapple decorations

Pineapples have achieved their peak in the world of decoration. They are perfect to embellish by hanging balls and small lights. Pinterest even describes this trend as being the most popular for the 2017 holiday season.

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