6 Reasons Why You Should Call Montreal Home

6 Reasons Why You Should Call Montreal Home

Looking to relocate as a family or a single person in the Montreal region of Québec? If looking for an apartment for rent in Montreal, you may be surprised at how much this vibrant part of Canada has to offer.

Here are the top six reasons why the city of Montreal it a great place to call home;

1. A high quality of life

Greater Montréal is the home to 2,000 hectares of greenery from 17 large parks and 1,160 added hectares of nature in neighborhood parks, 100 being in the downtown core. These beautiful parks provide families with plenty of space for recreational activities. It is not unusual to see cyclists in work attire and cross-country skiers on the trails in Mount Royal Park situated a few steps from office buildings.

2. Quality public services offered to all

  • International workers in possess the same benefits as local Canadian citizens, including:
  • Québec health insurance
  • Québec prescription drug plan
  • Education
  • Employment insurance
  • The Quebec parental insurance plan
  • Daycare services

3. A safe place to call home

Crime is extremely low in Greater Montreal and those numbers are steadily on the decrease. Since 1990, the crime rate has dropped each and every year! This makes Montreal one of the safest cities to live in the world.

4. A multitude of cultures

Montréal today has a cultural medley that offers an urban environment and openness. Each culture represented embraces its own heritage, giving all residents the ability to enjoy an assorted range of products, food and know how, especially in neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Little Maghreb, Little Italy and other ethnic neighborhoods.

5. Lower cost of living

When it comes to the cost of living, Greater Montreal is one of the most affordable cities in which to live. This is true for rent; being more affordable that other international cities in Europe and North America. It also applies to the price of education, healthcare and other everyday expenses.

6. An active labor market

Work always becomes a concern when relocating. Fortunately with an employment growth rate of 3.2% from 2008 to 2012, there are many job opportunities for those looking to live in the area. Greater Montréal has been rather left unaffected by economic recession over the past few years and is continuing to thrive.

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