7 Top Tips on Spring Cleaning in Your Apartment

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The idea of spring cleaning fills most people with dread, but it’s not all that bad. Even if you live in an apartment you should still organize your cleaning list, as it’s just as important to make sure you get to every corner. With a little know-how, you’ll be able to get your spring-cleaning done in no time, so you can relax knowing your apartment is spotless. Here are the 7 tips to follow to make your housework efficient!

1.    The Importance of a To-Do-List

If creating a daily checklist is a ritual for you, then you will find this one easy. Making a to-do list will help you to remember everything that needs cleaning. It’s an efficient way to tackle any task since you can tick it off as you go.

2.    Clean Room by Room

Sometimes, when you try doing everything at the same time, it can actually take longer. By cleaning room-by-room, you’ll be surprised at how much quicker you get your whole apartment done.

3.    Clean The Windows and Screens

Wipe the windows with window cleaner so it'll leave them streak-free. Dust the windowsills and wipe them down with antibacterial detergent. If your mosquito net is removable then you can soak it in a solution or hose it down. If your net isn’t removable then get a tough sponge and you can even use dish soap to scrub the net. Getting rid of trapped insects, dust and dirt is important since they can trigger allergies.

4.    Clear Out Storage Spaces

Start by emptying them and vacuuming the insides, dust down any shelves or surfaces. Then use an antibacterial spray to wipe down all the surfaces. Mop the floor and clean anything that's gathered dust, before putting it back inside. To avoid your storage spaces becoming a breeding ground for bacteria; consider cleaning them a few times a year.

5.    Clean Your Furniture

Clean the interior and exterior of all appliances, small and large. Before cleaning your furniture, you should make sure you have the right products to avoid damaging anything. For example, some detergents can be harmful to wood. In short, make sure that every surface is scrubbed with the right cleaner.

6.    Clean All of the Walls, Ceilings and Floors

Get rid of any cobwebs on your ceiling and walls with a vacuum cleaner or brush. It’s easier to work from top to bottom so start with the ceiling; use a soft cloth as you don't want to chip the paint or plaster. Then move on to the walls, gently dab or scrub away any stains.

7.    Purify The Air

To finish your spring cleaning on a nice note, open all your windows to change the air in your apartment. Burning some candles or getting an oil diffuser will add a nice aroma to your home.


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