4 Best Greens for a Healthier Apartment

4 Best Greens for a Healthier Apartment

What creates a great home is the décor and attention to detail you’ve put into your living space. Akelius Montreal apartments have a modern twist which pairs well with greens. Houseplants improve indoor air quality and add some life to your home all year long. Enclosed spaces can be polluted by many things that built over time amongst our homes such as detergents, paints, industrial work, disinfectants, preservatives, sprays and much more. These plants don’t require to be planted outdoors so they're perfect for your downtown Montreal apartment on the third floor!

Here are some great houseplants that don’t require much attention.


Bamboo is a natural home humidifier adding moisture to the air which is perfect for the winter days and heating. You can either grow it directly in water or in soil depending on its location or pot. If you grow it in water, simply change the water every week in order to keep a healthy plant. This plant doesn’t need to be kept in direct sunlight giving you the liberty of choosing its emplacement.


Aloe is known for its many health benefits and is part of the succulent family. Place it in a sunny corner of your home and water it once every two weeks and it’ll stay nice and tall. You can also use its gel on your skin after a sunburn instead of buying it from the drug store. You only have to break off a leaf to do so.


Peppermint is a bug repelling plant. You’ll also be able to use its leaves for many recipes. It’s important to keep it in a separate pot because it can overtake on other flowers and plants in no time. This plant needs to be kept in morning sunlight and requires a dry environment, so avoid putting it in the bathroom!

The English Ivy

While it isn’t recommended to put this plant in your garden because it takes up so much space in time, it’s a great house plant. It’s a benzene remover and is great for anyone who suffers from asthma. This plant can either be in bright or low light and doesn’t require a specific location. Keep its soil moist at all times depending on its daily sunlight, it may require to be watered every week or two.

Houseplants are easy to take care of and add a great deal of color and life to your apartment, especially if you need to keep all of your apartment walls white.

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