Co-Tenants: What are your Obligations?

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If you are reading this, you’re probably planning on or are already sharing a living space with someone. Although great, ensure you know your obligations as a co-tenant before making any final decisions!

Of course, sharing your home can be an enriching experience. On top of splitting your housing costs, you have someone with whom to share your everyday life events. Although there are many benefits to living with someone else, it is essential to know your obligations as a roommate first.

Co-Tenants and Occupants

After you’ve given a signature and moved in, and are now living with multiple people, you need to learn what differentiates their status as a co-tenant and an occupant. Educaloi establishes a clear difference between both to help you stay aware of yours and their status.

As an example to help you out, here are two people sharing your apartment:

  • Co-tenant: Steve is renting a room in the apartment. His name is on the lease.
  • Occupant: Lory is sleeping on the living room couch for a few weeks.

What distinguishes both people is the engagement that was taken. While Lory in only temporarily occupying the couch and might give some money for hosting her, but she hasn’t taken any engagement with the landlord. This makes her an occupant in the apartment. On the other hand, Steve has signed the lease which obliges him by law to pay his share of the rent. This makes him a co-tenant. Steve and yourself are be obliged to pay for the lease, where Lory is not.

Paying Rent

Co-signing a lease allows for splitting the monthly bills, but what happens if someone doesn’t pay his or her part? Is the landlord allowed to ask you to pay for your roommate’s part of the rent?

The answer isn’t all that simple. The landlord can either:

  • Demand the payment of the rent in full.  
  • Initiate legal proceedings for the eviction of all tenants in case of default of one of the tenants for over three weeks.

There are two types of responsibilities for the monthly rent payment, shared or solidary.

Shared Responsibility

This is the type of payment responsibility that is applied by default to a lease. In this instance, each tenant must pay their part of the rent.

Solidary Responsibility

This type of obligation applies in the following cases:

  • If there is a clause in the lease that stipulates this type of responsibility;
  • If the co-tenants are married.

In the instance of a solidary responsibility, one of the tenants may be required to pay the rent in full if a roommate does not pay their part.

In order to avoid any problems, the Régie du Logement recommends that roommates enter into a written apartment sharing agreement, where they will specify the terms of payment and the ownership of the belongings inside the apartment.

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