Flipping: The New Way to Renovate

Flipping: The New Way to Renovate

Over the years, real estate flipping has become more and more popular. Decades of experience have led us to realize the importance of providing tenants with housing that’ll make them feel comfortable while providing what they want. There’s a lot of thought, preparation and time involved in the process of flipping an old apartment building. We take pride in knowing that our attention to detail and quality remodeling have provided homes that people adore.


Here at Akelius Montreal we strive to renovate apartments into comfortable and safe housing for our tenants. We want to provide renters with newly renovated homes located in desirable neighbourhoods that’ll make them feel safe. After 23 years of innovation, we’ve learned the importance of investing enough money into flipping apartments in order to do structural improvements and repairs along with the remodeling. We simply want to provide occupants with a better sense of living.


We take our time to fully renovate each apartment complex into looked-for living spaces. It all begins with finding an apartment building that has the potential to be transformed into a comfortable home. We realize the importance of having apartment buildings that are located in proximity to commercial buildings, transits and schools, which is why all of our buildings are chosen with respect to location and their surroundings. We then take our time to remodel the entire apartment building into modern day homes that are elegant, comfy and secure.


Once you’ve moved into a newly renovated complex with security and amenities, you won’t want to leave. We’re thrilled to provide our residents with apartments they’ll never have to worry about. With the new renovations and high-end energy efficient appliances, our tenants rarely have to worry about something breaking. On the occasion of a breach, we provide 24-hour maintenance services in most of our complexes. When renters don’t have to constantly worry about what could possibly go wrong with their home, a huge stress is lifted off their backs. Thanks to our surveillance and security, you can walk into the building and truly feel safe when at home. Tenants have also been thrilled with our inclusion of fitness centres, laundry rooms, indoor/outdoor parking and all the other amenities we offer. We provide the population with above and beyond apartment complexes that meets all their needs.  

Here at Akelius we take pride in knowing our tenants are in comfortable and secure living spaces. We’ve taken the time to discover what buyers want and what they need to have in an apartment building. This is why we take our time to ensure each building is renovated with careful attention to detail and design.

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