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An easy way to make your apartment fit your style is by adding plants. They’re available in almost any shape, size and colour! In addition to being an ecological decoration, they help purify air of pollution and ambient odours. They also help refresh the air in your apartment, which will be appreciated on hot summer days! Here are the trendiest plants of the year that will add to your décor.




We love Tillandsias, a plant from the Bromeliaceae family, the same family that gave us pineapples! These plants are out of the ordinary as they grow everywhere, including out of tree trunks. Often called air plants, they cling to everything! In addition, since they are relatively small plants, they easily find their place in a small apartment. As for maintenance, they are watered by spritzing them with water once a day during the summer and twice a week during the winter.








To give a touch of exoticism to your living space, try succulents! They include 12 000 different species of plants. Succulents come in many different styles. Some are round, others are pointy, some have flowers and others don’t. The most famous succulents are cactus and Aloe Vera plants. Another popular succulent is Echeveria.

These plants come from Mexico, South Africa, South America and India since these regions are very sunny. It should come as no surprise that they need to be kept close to windows and can be kept outside during the summer.






If you are looking for a plant that requires little light, unlike succulents, we recommend ferns. With simple appearances, you can get creative when picking out a pot to keep them in!









To bring life to your apartment, feel free to use pots varying in style and colour. Why not put the plants in cups, boilers, baskets or even transparent hanging planters?


To preserve the floor of your apartment, we strongly recommend using a plant saucer. This will prevent moisture and excess water from dripping out.

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