How to Choose the Perfect Neighborhood in Montreal?

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When it comes to planning a move, everyone has their own way of choosing a new apartment. Normally, price and size are the main characteristics that are considered. However, people tend to forget the importance of the neighbourhood. Students, families, workers and seniors all have different lifestyles, preferences and needs. To help you in your search, here are key points to consider when choosing the perfect neighbourhood for you.

Talk with your friends and family

Who knows you better than those who are in your loved ones? Picking a new area is no objective task, as it needs to fit with your specific needs and interests. The suggestions and advice of your friends and family could be a good starting point for your search. In addition, this may be a good opportunity to move closer to the important people in your life.

Choose your neighborhood based on your own preferences

After you visit 2 or 3 places, how will you make that final decision? Write up a list of the most important things you’d like your new place to be close to and try putting them in order of importance. Be realistic! It is rare that the ideal apartment is in an area that meets every single one of your needs. Afterwards, you can determine where you will be willing to compromise.  Things to consider would include:

  • Neighbourhood life,
  • Access to public transit,
  • Proximity to shops, grocery stores, daycares and schools,
  • Community facilities,
  • Proximity to your workplace,
  • Proximity to your family and friends,
  • Proximity to parks
  • Etc.

Montreal Neighborhoods

Choosing a neighbourhood can seem tricky when you’re looking to move to a place you’ve never lived in before. Each area has a different atmosphere and services offered. Here are the main districts where Akelius offers superb apartments and what they offer:

  • Downtown: Business centers and Main Trade Hub,
  • Verdun: Peaceful and cultured environment,
  • Westmount: Characterized by wealth and upscale stores,
  • Côtes-des-Neiges - Notre-Dame-de-Grâce: Residential with cultural diversity,
  • Le Plateau: Award winning area known for it’s restaurants and cafés,
  • Milton Park: For families, young adults and students,
  • St-Lambert: Residential city on the south shore of Montreal, perfect for families.

Are you still hesitating?

To help ease the decision, the best solution is to go for a walk around the location you are considering. You’ll be able to take in the environment and feel of your potential future home.

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