How to Live Peacefully Alongside Neighbours

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Living in an apartment has several advantages. But one of the main disturbances can be your neighbours. In order to maintain a good relationship with them, you must be respectful with them, so that they are in turn respectful with you. This will allow you to live in harmony, and appreciate your apartment even more. Here are some tips to live peacefully with your fellow tenants!

Keep the Volume Down

Living in an apartment means you will most likely have shared walls with other apartments. One of the main ways to keep peace with your neighbours is to control noise. Avoid turning up the volume too high on your devices, and do not play music in the middle of the night. It is commonly believed that noise-complaints may only be filed after 11pm, but the truth is that police officers may issue fines at any hour of the day.

If you are organizing a party, it is best to notify your neighbours that there may be more noise than usual.

Avoid Creating Strong Odours

Smells can easily spread from one apartment to another. If you are planning on preparing a strong smelling dish, be mindful not to cook it early in the morning or very late at night. Additionally, don’t let your smoking habits bother your neighbours. Without proper ventilation, smoke can easily seep into the hallway and the homes of your fellow tenants.

Respect the Common Areas

Whether it’s the lobby, hallways, garbage chute or laundry room, follow these rules to maintain both safety and comfort for you and your neighbours:

  • Do not leave your waste in the corridors;
  • Make sure your trash is in a bag before dropping it down the garbage chute;
  • Boots, shoes and any other personal belongings cannot be left in the hallways;
  • Verify with your building’s management to determine whether or not bicycles can be taken up in the elevator;
  • Do not smoke in common areas.

Thinking About Pets

Page two of your lease will show if you have the right to own a pet. If animals are allowed, make sure they are quiet and clean. Indeed, there is nothing worse than a dog who barks all day as soon as you leave for work, or a cat who meows out the window all night when your neighbours are trying to get some sleep. Additionally, keep in mind that some of your neighbours may be nervous to share the elevator with your dog. Always ask them if they are comfortable, or consider waiting for an empty elevator.

By following these easy tips, you and your neighbours’ living experience will be smooth and harmonious. If you are looking for an apartment completely renovated, Akelius Montreal has several apartments available in various neighborhoods of Montreal. Visit our website!


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