Inspirational Ideas for Organizing a Home Office

Inspirational Ideas for Organizing a Home Office

Many Canadians now work from home. The number of self-employed people working from home rose to almost 4 million[1] in Canada. Here are a few suggestions to help you develop an inspiring workspace in the comfort of your own apartment.

Comfort and functionality

Comfort and functionality are two indispensable elements found in a workspace. Choosing the correct furniture to fit with your apartment decor is essential. However, an office chair must be chosen carefully. An ergonomic chair can be expensive but well worth the investment when you consider the amount of time you will be sitting and the importance of maintaining good posture.


Your desk should be near a window so that you get natural light. If any part of your apartment gives you a wonderful view of the city of Montreal, then you should set up your office in that space.

Hint: make sure that your computer screen is placed parallel to the window to avoid light reflection on your screen.


Your desk environment influences your productivity and motivation, therefore the decor of this space should match your tastes. Enhance your work surface with decorative accessories such as an indoor plant, an inspiring canvas or a single clock. You will certainly find everything you need in one of the many decorating boutiques in the city of Montreal.

In summary, select a room or space in your apartment that is comfortable and will be able to accommodate a desk. Also keep in mind that this space has to provide good lighting and be decorated according to your tastes and needs. Your mood, and your creativity will benefit.


[1] 2008 data provided by Statistics Canada.

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