Move While It's Still Cold

move while it's still cold into your akelius montreal apartment

You just found the perfect apartment you've been searching for on Akelius and finally got everything all packed up? Great! Now make sure the moving gets done during the winter. Why, may you ask? There are several reasons why moving in the summer is a good idea, but there are also many, many reasons why moving in the winter is a lot less of a hassle.

No Overbooking

            The worst part about moving in the summer is renting a moving truck and hiring movers to help. First of all, no one ever likes to move. So instead of bothering your friends and family once per year to help you carry your heaviest things up three flights of stairs, find an agency and hire a couple movers to help. Your family will appreciate it. And because everyone will be looking to hire and rent during the summer, there won't be any problem with finding as many as you need and for the exact date you want. Just make sure you keep an eye out for the weather to prevent any unwanted blizzards.

Cold Is Better Than Hot

            Think about how many hot days there are in the summer and your chances of picking a moving date that’s on the hottest one of all. Every summer, there are always so many people who become dehydrated, get sun stroke, or even just a really bad sun burn. None of these are fun. But when you move in the winter these events are unlikely to happen. And the best part is while you're doing the heavy lifting, the work keeps your body warm while the cold cools it off, keeping it the perfect temperature. Just make sure that you dress properly to prevent any cold sweats. We wouldn’t want you getting sick right after the holidays!

            Still thinking about moving during the summer? We highly suggest you rethink it. The worst that could happen would be a snow storm, which is also the easiest thing to prevent. So make sure you check the weather station before choosing your moving date, wear several thin layers to keep warm but not sweat. If it does snow, make sure to have your driveway and steps free of any snow or ice to avoid anyone tripping and falling. Enjoy the new place! 


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