Your Responsibilities as a Tenant When Moving Out

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Do you know your obligations and your rights as a tenant when it is time to move out?

Everyone wants a proper, clean and safe space to make their home. Unfortunately, according to the CORPIQ, 25% of tenants will leave their apartment in an improper and unclean state while 11% will leave it even worse. What state should the apartment be in when you first arrive? In this article, we will answer all your questions and more to help you know the principles of being a good, responsible tenant.

State of the Property

You just found your dream apartment, but before signing on that dotted line, make sure you know the general things to be expected of you. You should make sure to go over all the conditions in the lease prior to moving in.

You and the owner should examine area by area, including the floors, walls, windows and ceilings and all equipment that comes with the apartment. After moving in you can take pictures of everything the way it was before you touch it.

These are a few obligations you take on as a tenant:

  • Use the rented space responsibly;
  • Fix minor repairs or see to that they have been or will be fix;
  • Do not change the purpose of the rented space;

Minor Reparations

It is up to you to give back the apartment the way you were given it, this is why its important to conserve it the way it was given to you.

It is up to the tenant to take care of any small repairs that may be needed in the apartment, such as any paint touch ups, to make sure to keep it in a clean and proper state. Nonetheless, you do not have to renovate. So, if any of the repairs include any major updates or projects, then it will be up to the owner of the property to fix it and not yourself.

On top of that, you do not have the right to make any transformations to the property such as the addition or removal of walls or beams.

If you have added anything big into the apartment, it is your responsibility to take it down before leaving. Sometimes the owner may pay you compensation if they prefer that you leave it.

Before You Leave

There always comes a time where you leave that first apartment of yours, ready to move onto greater things. Before leaving, you must make sure everything is returned to the same way it was when you first stepped in. If you have painted since moving in, you must repaint it to the color it was; same goes for wallpaper and anything you might have added on. Always remember to ask your landlord before doing anything, because who knows, maybe the next tenant liked your zebra print wallpaper.

On top of that, you must remove anything that doesn’t belong to the landlord such as appliances and wall and light fixtures. For example, you cannot leave your fridge in the apartment just because you no longer have use for it. Furthermore, if your lease finishes June 30th, you have until midnight of that day to be completely out of the apartment, you do not have until the 1st.

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