The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit

Love Christmas as much as everyone else but you just don’t know how to show it? Decorate! Don't know how? Here are a few tips and tricks you'll need this winter when the holidays roll around and it’s time to pull out those dusty boxes from the basement so you can start setting up.

The Lights

Of course everyone knows the first and most important thing about Christmas decorating is the lights. There are hundreds of different lights to choose from when you go shopping, so make sure to take your time and really think. There are indoor lights, outdoor lights, ones that have a timer, electric lights, battery powered lights, ones with bulbs, LED lights, etc. There are even some that can do pretty amazing things such as mini light shows. It's easier to map out where you want them to go before you buy them to make sure you get the right ones.

The Tree

Choosing the perfect tree can sometimes be hard. It can't be too tall nor too small, too skinny, too bushy, too uneven, too brown, too dry. There are several factors to consider when you're choosing your tree. The biggest advice anyone could give you if you buy a live tree: as soon as you set it up, put it in water and don't forget to continue watering it. Always remember that nobody criticizes the tree once you've got lights, ornaments, candy canes and that old-fashioned threaded popcorn on there.

The Wreath

Wreathes are perfect for adding a little extra to your door during the holiday season. Whether you buy one from the store or you make your own killer wreath, it lets everyone know when they walk by that you are enjoying the holiday festivities. Don't be shy when it comes to choosing (or making) big, chaotic wreathes. Sometimes the nicer ones are the bigger ones. Check online to find ways to build your own.

The Colors

Christmas doesn't only have to be red and green. There are many colors to the winter scheme which include more blues and purples and whites and sparkles than it does red and green. So when you're decorating for Christmas, red and green is nice but make sure to add in some silver and gold and icy blues every here and there and you'll be set to go.

So when Akelius Montreal finds you that perfect home, the first thing to think about is where you're going to set up your tree, hang the tinsel and put the lights. Don't forget that depending on your neighbors, you might need to go out and buy new decorations each year just to top them. Have a happy holiday!

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