Top 40 Questions to Ask While Visiting an Apartment

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After weeks of searching for the right apartment, you’ve finally found the one. All that’s left to do is visit it, easy enough? Not always. To help you prepare for your visit, we have reviewed all the questions one should ask before making a final decision. This will help you decide if the apartment will work for you – not just because you like the kitchen cabinets!

Here are the 40 most important questions to ask the landlord while visiting an apartment!

The Rent Cost and Commodities That Are Included

  1. What is the total rent cost?
  2. What services or commodities are included in this price?
  3. Is furniture included?
  4. Are appliances provided or available upon request?
  5. What type of heating is used and is the cost included in the rent?
  6. Is hot water included in the rent?
  7. Is there a washer and dryer connection? Is there a place for a dishwasher?

The Layout of the Apartment

  1. Will the walls be repainted?
  2. Are there different paint colour options?
  3. Is the building well insulated?
  4. Are window-mounted air conditioners permitted?
  5. Are aesthetic changes to the apartment permitted?
  6. Are balcony clotheslines allowed?
  7. Are potted plants on the balcony permitted?

The Duration of the Lease and Its Conditions

  1. How long is the lease term?
  2. When is the renewal notice sent out?
  3. Are animals allowed?
  4. Are there any building amenities?
  5. Are there building-specific rules and regulations?


  1. If appliances are included, who takes care of maintenance?
  2. How does one resolve minor repairs? How about major reparations?
  3. Who is responsible for snow removal during the winter?
  4. Who is responsible for the general cleanliness of the building?
  5. Have there been any rodent or bug problem within the last year? If yes, how was it regulated?
  6. Is there an on-site superintendent?


  1. Do I have access to a parking space?
  2. Are there extra costs for parking?
  3. Are there extra any guest parking spaces?


  1. Have the locks been recently changed?
  2. Is the entrance secured?
  3. Are there surveillance cameras in the common areas?


  1. Is there a storage space?
  2. Where is the storage space located?
  3. Are the any additional costs for the storage?
  4. Is there a place to store bicycles?

Neighbours and the Neighbourhood

  1. How are the other tenants in the building?
  2. What is the neighbourhood like?
  3. What kind of businesses are in the area?
  4. Is there a nearby metro station?
  5. What kind of bus lines pass in the area?

Now that you know the most important questions to ask during your next visit, you’ll be able to find which apartment best suits your needs. At Akelius Montreal, we have several apartments available in various areas of the city. With many amenities and quality services, you will be living in a great place. Visit our website to find our homes for rent!


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